Clyde McPhatter-You'll Be There

Clyde McPhatter (vocalist; born November 15, 1932, died June 13, 1972)
“If there is one voice through which the glories of R&B ran their course in the 1950s,” wrote Nick Tosches, “it very well may be Clyde McPhatter’s.” Clyde had a distinctive, pleasing singing voice and is regarded as one of the top lead singers of all time. In his own time, his name and voice loomed so much larger than that of the group the Drifters, which he founded, that it took five years for them to recover from his departure. McPhatter was idolized by Black audiences as few singers before or since ever were, and for almost 15 years helped define rhythm & blues and its transformation into soul. In a way, he was the most improbable of R&B stars, a gentle high tenor who, superficially at least, seemed more suited to the angelic strains of gospel music. And his name gave some potential managers and agents pause for thought. But when he sang, the doubts and the laughter all disappeared -- even on his live album from the Apollo Theater, recorded during his declining years, when he describes physical lust in the hit "Ta Ta," he makes it feel urgent and real, and utterly convincing. So here We Present The Greatest R&B singer Of Them All With YOU'LL BE THERE . What a heavenly voice.

Birth nameClyde Lensley McPhatter[1]
BornNovember 15, 1932
Durham, North CarolinaU.S.
DiedJune 13, 1972 (aged 39)
Teaneck, New JerseyU.S.
Years active1950–1972
Associated actsThe Mount Lebanon Singers,Billy Ward & the DominoesThe Drifters